deanThe original purpose of the Capital Tiger Bay Club, founded in 1971, was to provide a non-partisan forum on current political issues and listen to the views of newsmakers and opinion leaders of the day. Monthly luncheons are scheduled at the convenience of the speaker.


gillumLocal leaders, state leaders, Governors, U.S. Senators and Congressional Members, and the occasional Presidental candidate have made the Capital Tiger Bay Club a critical step—or misstep—in their pursuit of political power and influence.


kerryFounding board members invited Democrats, Republicans, liberals and conservatives who shared a passion for politics. The club has never endorsed political candidates nor advocated a particular ideology. It has always welcomed groundbreaking ideas, passionate ideologues, and insightful discussions; the more outrageous, the better.


*Irreverent humor, sharp introductions, and the occasional roasting of members and guests are the mark of a good meeting. If laughter is good medicine, then the members of the Capital Tiger Bay Club can expect to lead long lives.



1971-1972 Dan Cunningham
1972-1974 Cal Berry
1974-1976 Phil Ashler
1976-1978 Dave Barrett
1978-1980 Hendrix Chandler
1980-1982 Richard McFarlain
1982-1984 Steve Slepin
1984-1986 Judd Chapman
1986-1988 John Clark
1988-1990 Bill Sutton
1990-1992 Lee Hinkle
1992-1994 Scott Dailey



Buzz Korst from the beginning – 1996
Janet Hinkle 1996-1999
Barney Bishop 1999
Jeff Hendry 1999 – present

1994-1996 Charlie Barnes
1996-1998 Elise Judelle
1998-2000 Bobby Bacon
2000-2002 Ed Depuy
2002-2004 Janet Hinkle
2004-2006 Mark Miller
2006-2008 Tony Carvajal
2008 – 2010 Chris Klena
2010 – 2012 Tim Center
2012 – 2014 Laurie Walker
2014 – 2016 Steve Birtman
2016 – Present Jeff Ryan


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